Analytics team of the federal magazine «Technology Progress» has launched a commercial service in 2014. The rich database of readers and subscribers allows us to complete client tasks quickly and with most relevant data.
Deep interviews
Focus groups
Experiments and field activities
Hidden buyer
- Vast database of contacts in various segments of technology market.
- Relevant and quality data
- Cost efficiency
- High speed of execution
You will get
In-depth research
This type of research provides a detailed overview of a company position in the market: competetiveness, market share, client perception, opportunities for development.
Sectoral research
The object of research is a segment or a niche. Research focuses on trends and dynamics, adjacent niches and risk factors. Such an analysis is essential for entering a new market or expanding production.
Customs data for import/export
Customs data research is an important tool for companies engaged in international trade. It is only useful if the data is accurate and well structured. Our team uses only the most reliable sources for statistics as well as computational tools to structure the import/export data.
Competition analysis
Competition analysis is a report, focused on potential future changes and actions of competitors. It provides a list of all major competitors, their competetiveness, market characteristics in different regions.
Price and assortment research
This research provides propositions regarding the pricing and assortment of a company, taking into account market conventions, competitors actions, current prices and projected future prices.
Hidden buyer
This methodology is one of the most reliable ways of determining competitiveness of other companies in the market, as well as own regional offices and service stations. Due to secretive nature of this research the answers are given most impartially and honestly, leading to more accurate market assessment.
Completed research
Import and Export of dry industrial paint in 2015 – 2017
Pages: 52
Analysis period: 2015-2017
Our team provides market characteristics, gives data and insights from the customs statistics and formulates a probable future trend.
Modular buildings and block containers in Russia
Pages: 25
In this work for our German client we analyzed the current market for modular buildings in Russia and using hidden buyer methodology made a complete competitors review with prices, conditions of sale and advantages.
Analysis of self-loading cementing unit for future upgrade and development.
Pages: 35
As set out by our client, we have provided a complete list of responses for the survey of drives and purchasing managers of construction companies in Russia. The potential improvements were ranked by popularity.
Market Analysis of Road Construction Technology
Pages: 40
Our team managed to present a complete overview of the market, describe key competitors, price analysis and probable future market developments.
Market of Special Vehicles, Commercial And Passenger Transport In Russia
Number of pages - 30
Goals and objectives of the study:
- Analysis of the current market situation
- Analysis of supply and demand for this type of equipment to date
- Opinion of the leading players of this segment on the market situation
- Forecasts
Import of lifting equipment of increased load capacity
Goals and objectives of research
- Analysis of imports of lifting equipment for the period under study
- Price analysis of lifting equipment of key market players
- Analysis of opinions of experts of this segment on the market situation
- Characteristics of the heavy equipment lifting equipment market
- Forecasts
Completed research
Surveys done
Surveys created
Buying a report

Report «Chinese construction machinery in 2014 – 2016»

  • Pages: 30
  • Analysis period: 2014-2016
  • In this work we analyzed the volume of construction machinery imported from China to Russian Federation as well as relative market shares of imported brands.
  • Includes an outlook for 2017 – 2018
  • Price: 5500 RuR


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